The zimbabwe’s City of Progress is a city located in the heart of Zimbabwe. Gweru is centrally located and if you travel to Zimbabwe, the odds are you will pass through this wonderful city as it connects to all the other major cities and towns. Though known for its magnificent views during daylight, Gweru also has a nightlife which is equally if not more beautiful.

A night out in the City of Progress provides one with an experience of a lifetime. The Sunshine City offers a wild, unimaginable, unforgettable night. Nightlife in this exotic city is just purely fascinating. Gweru’s nightspots will make you loosen up and discover a part of yourself that you did not know existed. Here you will get an unrivaled nightlife experience.

Arriving at ‘The Barn’, after sunset, all types of cars are spiraling from inside the club’s parking lot out into the adjoining streets. The whole environment is illuminated, with an incredible magical outlook that is warming and comforting allowing all the clubbers to feel at home.


Entering The Barn, to your left side one is greeted by two thatched open houses where many will be sited drinking and sharing stories (traditional pub, with cozy corners you can sink into, a large, shady patio and a relaxed atmosphere inside), to the right a small but comfortable cozy bar is open. In it all local and foreign alcohol brands are available. To keep the regulars coming back and to make first-timers fall in love with the place, there are frequent drink specials. Inside the bar, one can engage in some activity as there are pool tables and dart boards.


Moving further inside The Barn just next to the bar, there is an open space with a karaoke DJ who will be serenading clubbers. As the evening progresses people start to trickle into the open space showcasing their dancing moves after the beer has settled (the drinks are poured high, and the alcohol content is not to be taken lightly. Even if you ordered the fruitiest, sweetest martini on the menu, there’s still a good chance it will knock you on your ass. And we’ll toast to that). By midnight, the whole space will be occupied and maneuvering from one end to the other will almost be impossible.

If you are one who loves chewing when taking your drink, don’t worry as The Barn has you covered. Just after the two traditional pubs and opposite to the open space, there is an open restaurant and butchery. You only need to buy your meet and the staff will roast it for you. The meat always tastes good, greasy and flavorful.

If you happen to pass through Zimbabwe’s City of Progress, Gweru, please make it a priority to visit The Barn and feel a Zimbabwean nightlife.