After watching one too many Hollywood films lately, I have discovered a worrying trend that seems to be expanding by the day. The number of Sub-Saharan African actors in Hollywood is decreasing at an alarming rate. In the years gone by, Hollywood films featured fine actors like Charlize Theron, Thandie Newton, Adhir Kalyan and David Bailie, all of whom hailed from Southern Africa specifically South Africa and Zimbabwe. However, nowadays none of our own seems to make it in big Hollywood productions. This has led me to ask myself, is this as a result of a deficiency in terms of talent or is it a lack of trying on part of our actors to be the next stars. Watching local productions like Generations, Muvhango and Skeem Saam (South Africa) and Wenera (Zimbabwe), one can clearly note that talent is there in abundance. The only reasonable contributory factor being the sheer lack of trying.


How hard is it really to become a Hollywood superstar? Without a doubt it is hard, but with some passion and dedication, one can become the next big star. Yes, you can enroll in a bachelor of fine arts program for acting but is it the only way you can get into acting? Definitely not. For one to excel in acting, these are of paramount importance, time, patience, dedication, skill, and talent. If you have the talent, please don’t let it lie dormant till your death.  Nurture your talent, by gaining knowledge and experience of the real business of acting. You don’t necessarily have to go to college to gain acting knowledge, make use of the internet, there are many things you can learn and the beauty of it is you don’t have to pay anything. The second most important thing is acquiring experience. Visit your local theater and get to experience what it means to perform in front of a real crowd. Once the nerves are gone, you are sure to take your next big step. Book your audition with top film and movie companies in Hollywood and you could be the next Charlize Theron!

There are many agencies out there purporting to be agents for Hollywood companies. Many of them are fraudulent so you have to do your research pretty good before falling into the hands of scammers. I have done some research for you and these are genuine sites which you can register under and book your appointments; and The beauty of them, they are equal opportunity employers and their first screening exercises can be done via Skype after a request thus there are no huge traveling costs.


Almost all of Hollywood stars auditioned for their first roles including Sylvester Stallone (Rambo), Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Seth Rogan and many others. To get an appreciation of how they fared in their auditions and to get what it is that is required in the audition room; I have included the following auditions from three famous actors who have played leading roles in big productions.

  1. Daisy Ridley Audition Tape

  1. Seth Rogen Audition Tape

  1. Daniel Ratcliffe Audition Tape