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Check August 26 on your calendar or in your diary as the world will watch arguably the world’s most expensive “boxing fight”. Please do bear in mind that this is not your typical boxing match as it is a combination of two sports in the same boxing ring. Conor Mcgregor ‘mystic mac’, takes on the undefeated Floyd ‘money’ Mayweather in Las Vegas for one of the expensive fight in history. Mcgregor in this fight will rack up over $100 million without taking into consideration the various endorsement deals while Mayweather may easily surpass the $250 million he got in 2015 after his fight with Manny Pacquaio. The question on everyone’s lips therefore is who is going to win this fight.


As would be expected, there are many bookmakers who have earmarked this fight to make some profits. The hot favourite according to bookies is the undefeated boxing maestro Floyd Mayweather…

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